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          30 Years of Writing that Matters

          2019 is Sage Hill’s 30th Anniversary! Celebrate with us!

          Sage Hill Writing &?SK Writers’ Guild Anniversary Celebration!

          Join Sage Hill president Anne Lazurko, Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild president Jillian Bell, Brenda Niskala, and Bob Currie to celebrate Sage Hill’s 30th and Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild 50th anniversaries at the Saskatchewan Festival of Words in Moose Jaw.

          Saturday, July 20th

          5:00 PM – 6:00 PM, 2019

          Upper Lobby, Moose Jaw Cultural Centre

          217 Main Street North, Moose Jaw

          Free admission, free appetizers by Sprout Catering, and a cash bar!

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          Are you Sage Hill Alumni? Visit our Alumni Publications page, click on the year that you published and make sure that your book is included.

          30 for 30

          Celebrate 30 years of Sage Hill with a single donation of $30 or a multiple donation ($30 per month, $300 one time, $3000 corporate).

          Whatever you can give will help Sage Hill continue to foster writing that matters.

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